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Le Charme is very a charming place located right in the old town of Sukhothai and only a kilometer away from Sukhothai Historical Park.  There are cute waterfronts as well that grows water lilies, bougainvillea and tropical flowers around.

The room is nestled in a lush landscape of tropical flowers and shrubs.  The room décor is warm, inviting and widely spacious. There is also a cute balcony with two chairs and a side table overlooking the charming pond.  Also has air-con, TV, fridge, WiFi and other expected comforts.



Wearing a traditional Thai outfit during sunset time with the perfect view overlooking the beautiful ancient ruins and be grateful for this magical experience; Thai cooking class, workshop of making Buddhist votive amulet,  making fresh flower garland and palm leaf folding. 

Dinner outdoor with Thai classical dance show at Namkhang Sukhothai restaurant try Sukhothai local dish; light curry with assorted vegie “Kaeng Leang” with sun dried fish and shrimps,  “Hor Mok”, steamed fish with curry paste and roasted chicken.




6AM: Alms Giving at Wat Trapang Thong

Grab some food for breakfast at morning market or return to have breakfast at hotel.

The Sukhothai Historical Park is divided into five zones, with the largest area being the central zone within the old city. The central zone is also where you will find some of the most ruins clumped together, as well as some of the largest, and is easily explored by bicycle. Outside of this area, a short driving distance away or cycling if you are feeling energetic and are the north, south, east and west zones that each have one or two noteworthy sites, like the gigantic sitting Buddha at Wat Si Chum in the north zone. Some areas you can access for free while others charge an entrance fee.



Away from the ruins, let’s try the famous noodle dish named after the area, ‘kuay thiao Sukhothai’

Relaxing in spa, try authentic northern style Thai massage opening the channels in your body for feeling deeply refreshed and recharged.



Dinner at Krua Sukhothai restaurant, just walk across the road.  Try spring roll, “Kai Hor Bai Toey” (Marinated chicken breast wrapped in fragant pandan leafs), Thai famous dish “Tom Yam Goong” and “Yam Sam Krob” (Spicy Salad Combination of Dry Squid, Cashew Nut and Fish Maw)




Start your morning with a hearty meal.  The breakfast spread boasts classic Western, Asian dishes, and egg station. 

Fulfilling your vacation with our spa and Thai massage treatment. Le Charme Sukhothai spa uses herbal treatment to ensure you have relaxing and healthy holidays back home.



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Boutique hotel near Sukhothai Historical Park that is value for money for every traveler to spend a pleasant holidays in Sukhothai. Free WiFi. Great spa and Thai massage. Sukhothai airport is 45 min drive from the hotel.

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